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Gallery & Testimonials

Happy Patients, Gorgeous Smiles!


All testimonials are by actual patients of Dr. Jefferson

Patient M.P. is the last patient photo above

Patient M.P. was brutally assaulted during a home invasion and robbery several years ago. He suffered severe head trauma and fracture of his upper anterior teeth, which caused him terrible headaches, rendering him permanently disabled. He is a single parent to his 11 year old son. Because of his disability, he is unable to work, and struggles to provide for their needs on his income. He has severe dental needs which he is unable to obtain treatment due to lack of resources. He was referred by Donated Dental Service to the office of Dr. Jefferson who donated his service. Suburban Lab donated his crown and bridge, and Gallagher Lab donated his upper partial. This was a major oral rehabilitation treatment which included treatment for his migraine headaches. He was treated to the Neuromuscular position. His treatment was completed on July 20, 2010, and soon after, he found employment. This is his testimonial:

Dear Doctor Jefferson, I cannot even begin to tell you how much I appreciate what you and Bob at Suburban Lab have done for me. Oh, and let's not forget Gallagher Lab for the upper partial. I am finally able to smile at my son and he is proud of me because I made a promise to him and Dr. Jefferson that I would quit smoking and I did. I also am grateful to you for addressing my headaches problem. I am a better man all the way around because of you and your people. Thank you!!



Other Testimonials from other patients:

Before my treatment at Jefferson Dental for orthopedic purposes, I was not happy with the form of my mouth. My lips seemed to be too flat and my jaw was causing severe headaches. Since my treatment, the headaches have disappeared and my lips have more character. And of course my teeth are straight. Thank you Jefferson Dental.

In recent years, I have noticed myself getting many headaches throughout the course of a week's time. When attending a dentist appointment for a routine check up and cleaning, I was told of a device/appliance that could help my headaches due to my TMD. I jumped at the opportunity and was fitted and given my mouth appliance. During my appointment on 7/14/03, I am happily reporting a better night's sleep and relief of my headaches. Wearing this appliance has made me happier throughout the night as well as during the day.

Dear Dr. Yosh Jefferson,

You are an ingenious man. Without your ideas about the mouth, I wouldn't be smiling as much as I am today. You see, my dentist is Dr. Mead Moore and he used your idea about the face and gave me these wonderful dentures/retainers that I have today. My name is XXXXX and I am a 12 year old girl and I really appreciate having a great smile. I heard from my dentist that he or you (can't remember) took my pictures to a conference and showed the difference to other dentist. Words can't express the gratitude I feel. The best thing about it is that no one notices that my dentures/retainers are real so when they ask what happened I can just tell them--I got my braces of. :)

Before seeing Dr. Jefferson, I experienced severe dizziness to the point of falling over. I felt light headed throughout the day and night even while lying down. I was unable to focus my eyesight and I squinted my eyes to compensate. My jaw, mouth, neck, and legs had pain ranging from aches to sharp jabbing type pain. I hunched my back and had horrible posture. I lost my balance while standing or walking.

After seeing Dr. Jefferson, I do not lose my balance and I feel grounded and centered. My jaw only hurts when it moves back to where it should be and it is mild to low moderate pain. My legs do not hurt at all anymore, and my back feels so much better. My dizziness and light headedness are gone. My eyesight is clear and I do not squint.

Before having braces, I experienced headaches from grinding my teeth. My teeth had slightly shifted from the grinding as well. I no longer experience the daily headaches and my teeth are straight again. Also, my jaw is aligned correctly.

The braces Dr. Jefferson put on me helped my headaches tremendously. In addition, I had 2 neurocranial restructuring treatments done during the year I wore my braces. Before I had braces, I had constant, at times debilitating head pain. By the time my braces came off, my headaches had subsided, I could think more clearly and I noticed a significant increase in my energy level. Plus, people noticed how much better I looked!

I am XXXX. I am emailing you because I would like to thank you. I am 16 years old and have gone to your dental business for awhile. You have put braces on my brother, XXXX, I can't begin to explain how nice his teeth have come out.

However, I am not writing for him, I am writing for myself. For all my life I have always had disgusting teeth. My mother said I was a beautiful girl, but just needed help with my teeth. Prior to the braces, I was not sure if I really wanted them or not. I knew in the end it would pay off, but I thought they were ugly and embarrassing. After I got them on, I wanted them off right away. They hurts so bad and were a pain to take care of. However, after a few months I started seeing change. I got my braces off June 20th 2006 (give or take a few days). It was the proudest moment of my life. Not only because I didn't have braces anymore, but because of how beautiful my smile is now. It is hard for me to find words that can't even come close to how much I appreciate what you have done for me.

The braces not only fixed my appearance, but it raised my self-esteem. Now I love taking pictures, and am not afraid of the camera at all. I am not afraid to smile at people and be the social bumblebee that I am. It helped me breathe better as well. My sister would constantly tell me to stop breathing so loud, but I couldn't. My nose was always congested and I couldn't breathe through it. I thought it was because of the seasons. After the retainer that opened up my jaw, I realized that it opened up my nasal passage as well. I find that I am breathing through my nose all the time and enjoying every minute of it.

I take extremely good care of my teeth. I am so careful about them. When I play sports always protect my teeth before protecting my nose or something else. I wear my retainer every night and don't plan on stopping that anytime soon. My friends all know that my biggest love is my teeth. I constantly get complimented on my teeth and smile. Besides helping me breathe better, raising my self esteem, and fixing my teeth, you have made me certain of what I want to be when I grow up. Ever since the day I saw my new mouth, I knew I wanted to be an orthodontist. I am extremely excited that I have been able to be treated by such a prestigious doctor as yourself. ....Thank you so much for all you have done. I appreciate it alot. Thank you for taking the time to read this email.

Dear Dr. Jefferson:

I want to thank you for the wonderful work you did on my teeth. As you know, when I came to you about 4 years ago, I was experiencing a lot of headaches which affected my activities of daily living. In my youth, too many teeth were extracted to accommodate braces, which caused spacing and shifting. This created an abnormal way of chewing. As per your recommendation of treatment, I no longer suffer from frequent headaches and my quality of life has dramatically improved.

Dr. Jefferson changed my life forever. He straightened my teeth. Now everyone notice my wonderful smile. Girls check me out more often. Maybe it will get me a better job. Thank you so much.

Before treatment, wanted to electrocute myself almost daily. Couldn't deal and tired.

After treatment, I want to see how long I can enjoy life, live and relax.

Dear Dr. Jefferson,

It was September of 1998 that XXXX was struck with Bell's Palsy, causing the left side of her face to become paralyzed. After seeing many doctors, it was determined that the palsy was due to a herpes virus. We were told that in order for he to have full recovery, she would need to do so within the first year. Beyond that, there was no guarantee. A year went by, and XXXX was left residual problems. She still had drooping in the eye, nose, and mouth. She could not make a complete smile and therefore affected her self-esteem.

In June of 2000, I brought XXXX to you for orthodontic treatment. Not only did she suffer from the long term effects of the Bell's Palsy, but she also suffered from severe sinus infections. As soon as you saw XXXX, you knew that you wanted to help her by correcting both of these problems and hopefully build her self-esteem.

The first step was to take photos and impressions of her mouth. The next step was to have several teeth extracted in order to alleviate the overcrowding. At that point the braces were able to be applied. In doing so, you were hoping to broaden XXXX's smile, take pressure off not only her sinuses, but possibly the nerve that was damaged from the Bell's Palsy. Although there were no guarantees, you were very confident that these measures would make a difference.

Three and a half years later, you are removing XXXX's braces. She no longer has the overcrowding, her sinus troubles are minimal, and she now has a much broader smile than when she started in 2000. XXXX will always have some residual effects of the Bell's Palsy. But through your determination and corrective measures, I do believe that XXXX has improved immensely from her treatment.

I do appreciate all that you have done for her, and hope that we will continue to see improvements as she continues to receive treatment from you.

I can breathe thru my nose, and before I couldn't. I am not as dizzy, before if I stood in one place for too long I would start to lose my balance. I have fewer migraines & headaches. I don't seem to have any more sinus issues. My sleep is better, I feel more rested in the morning. I have more energy throughout the day. For the first time in my life when I smile, I don't cover my mouth with my hands.

Dear Dr. Jefferson & Staff,

I want to thank you so much for everything you have done for me. When I first came into your office 24 mth. ago, I had just planned on getting my two front teeth closed. You had brought to my attention that I had TMJ. I had all the symptoms you described, popping, clicking, ear aches, and migraines that would last for days at a time. The pain was so bad that I was miserable most of the time, which made my whole family uneasy. I practically lived on TYLENOL to relieve the pain, which half of the time didn't help. You had described to me the treatment I could get. I talked it over with my husband, he told me that it was my decision to make. The decision I made was the best decision of my life.

I'm relieved of all pain and feel great, not only did it change my disposition with my family and friends, but also changed the way I feel about myself. Finally I can be the fun, loving, happy person I've always wanted to be, with no pain in the way to stop me.

I would like to thank Dr. Jefferson and his superb staff for an experience that exceeded our expectations. During our first interview for my 12 year old daughter's braces, Dr. Jefferson looked at her jaw placement and realized he could help us with another problem I thought was unrelated. My daughter experienced difficulty sleeping thru the night, nasal congestion, and frequent headaches that affected her moods (and the rest of the family greatly).

Dr. Jefferson's understanding of facial structure and the impact of braces on jaw placement had not only been life changing for my child, but the entire family. It is with much gratitude that I applaud Dr. Jefferson's unique 'whole facial structure' approach. Today, my daughters braces have been removed, she is headache free, sleeps well and has no difficulty breathing. Thank you Dr. Jefferson and staff for your fabulous work.

Dear Dr. Jefferson:

I am writing to you to thank you for the successful treatment of my T.M.J. Syndrome. It has been two weeks to date since I began wearing the appliance you had designed for me and I am thrilled to report that I have been totally pain-free since the first night of wearing the device.

I must admit that I did cheat a little the second and third day, by wearing the device for an hour each day when my headaches started to com on during the early evening hours. I would feel the pain and tension begin and instead of reaching for any medication I put in my appliance and within a half hours time all the sensations of the T.M.J. were completely gone. Then I would just continue to put it back in each night.

It seems so unbelievable that after years of searching for relief I have finally found it. You just can't imagine how you have turned my whole life around. I no longer have to come home from work, or a social event and lay down for hours with compresses on my face or take pill after pill until I could at least function with the pain. I have even gone to three social events in the past two weeks and actually laughed and talked to the very end of each event and felt no jaw pain or back pain at all. I haven't been able to do that for over 12 years. Maybe now I can actually look forward to socializing instead of making excuses not to attend.

Need-less-t-say, my husband, family, and friends are ecstatic to see me so energetic and pain-free. I really feel like a new person. I feel so well rested each morning too. I am not sleeping any more than I usually did, but now I sleep peacefully (no tossing and turning) and I wake up feeling like I really did sleep! Do you have any idea how good that makes me feel?

Well I could go on and on forever, but I won't belabor the point--I think you're fantastic! and I can't wait to get started on the permanent plan of treatment.

Thanks again for the new me!

Just wanted to make your day and tell you that everyone I have seen so far is telling me how different I look. I even heard my own mother talking about it with her friend. She was saying how she can't stop looking at my face. I don't think she knew that I was listening. She hasn't said much the whole time because she is upset I have to do this all over again. Anyway, see you next month!

Dear Dr. Jefferson,

Approximately one year ago, you designed and prepared for me an upper partial plate that attached to my four remaining teeth. I waited to write this letter because, in all honesty, I believed that the plate would not hold and I would be making a series of appointments for adjustments for or repairs.

I was wrong. Since the first day you placed it in my mouth, I have had no problems. The plate fits comfortably and tight. It looks like my real teeth and you cannot see where it is attached.

I know that it was not a simple procedure. You had to work on the four front teeth even before the plate was designed. It took time, skill, and expertise to accomplish what you did in a timely manner.

I was also impressed by your professionalism. When the laboratory that made the plate did not meet your standards, it was sent back. Many would accept a less-than-perfect product for the sake of convenience. You, on the other hand, put patient comfort and satisfaction above personal convenience.

In light of my experience, I would not hesitate to recommend you to anybody seeking a dental professional.

Though my treatment involving several mouth appliances, and after months of braces during 7th and 8th grade, Dr. Jefferson was able to straighten my teeth, and also remove a great threat of intense headaches from my life. The headaches were pretty awful, and would make me want to ignore homework and other responsibilities. I thank Dr. Jefferson greatly.

As the father of XXXX, we are extremely pleased with XXXX's results as well as the professionalism of Dr. Jefferson # staff. The procedure has vastly changed XXXX's profile and smile. It has changed his facial features forever.

This is a special testimonial from the mother of a child who was a mouth breather. Previous to having his tonsils/adenoids removed and palate was expanded, the child was failing in almost all of his subjects, and he had severe behavior problem. After tonsils and adenoids were removed, the child had nearly all straight "A's" and he had no behavior problems.

The next document is the result of his TerraNova Test, a national testing for grade school children to evaluate their proficiencies in reading, language, and math with the rest of the children nationally. He ranked in the top 99 percentile.